Easter Weekend

It's been a while since I have written a blog, but things got hectic and busy and didn't have the time. Now that things are settling down I am able to start my blogs back up and, let's just say I have missed doing my blogs every week. This Easter the kids and I usually go down to Phoenix to celebrate Easter with family while my husbands stays back to watch our puppy and work. Unfortunately this time we were not able to. So we did the best we could for the kids to do something special at home, like dying eggs, an egg hunt in the house, eating tons of chocolate and having a nice family dinner. The day was filled with lots of playing outside because my kids don't like being couped up in the house all day.

The day before we started with dying eggs. When the kids were smaller I would just have them pick the colors they wanted and I would color the egg but, since they are older, threy know not to make a mess with the dye and to be careful with the eggs. They did this all by themselves, so it was a pefect time for me to capture some pictures of them. They only having three colors of dye but they didn't care and got creative with their eggs. This was a new tradition with just us to start at home and honsetly we loved every minute of it. The kids had so much fun and this is something that we will do every year and hope it continues through their teen years( I can dream and keeping my fingers crossed).

After dying the eggs we had dinner and hurried the kids to bed knowing they would be up bright and early the next morning for the egg hunt. Easter morning was as expected with the kids waking up at 6am. I was hoping for at least some sleeping in but at this point we know that won't happen. They wanted a quick breakfast so we can do the egg hunt but me being the photogrpaher that I am, I wanted at least one nice family picture of us. It's always a given and the kids expect it from me by now. Once we were finished with that my husband and I hid their eggs, and to make it fair, we gave them the same amount of eggs so we don't hear any fighting or complaining. The kids loved the egg hunt. I have never seen them find the eggs so fast but when it comes to their clothes and toys it takes them what seems like forever for them to pick it up and put it away(I know I'm not alone in this...I feel you moms).

They did as much playing as they could Sunday. They went to West Wetlands Park , then came back and played in the water and went over to the park by our house. Let's just say they were wore out and went to bed easy that night which was a plus for us to relax. It was a pretty relaxing Easter Sunday for us spending some quality family time together which was much needed with our busy work schedules. We can't forget what Easter is about though, It's about Jesus, he has risen, the tomb is empty. I love when we spend quality family time, whether it's just us four or when we go down and visit family in the Phoenix area. We are always surrounding ourselves with family because we know they will always be there for us no matter what. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter with family and friends.

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