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We all love those holiday traditions that we have whether they are new, old or have been passed down from generation to generation. It's something that we always enjoy as children and adults, it gives us something to look forward to. Our family is all about traditions and the kids don't let us forget it. Of course we have added the ones we grew up with as children but have made it a point to add new ones now that we have kids of our own. I am going to try and fit most of what we do in one blog and condensed.


This is one of my favorite Holidays, only because I can literally eat/gain my pounds like crazy without any judgement from anyone. Let's face it, you spend most your day in the kitchen cooking a meal to feed a ton of people. Luckily it was just my husband and two kids but I made a ton because we love the Thanksgiving leftovers days after. I usually do a huge turkey and always try to get a 25 pound turkey and tend to season with savory seasoning and can't forget butter. My mom always tells me to put an apple inside the turkey to make it juicy and have been doing that since, which makes the turkey really juicy and delicious. For my sides, I always do stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes and yams(even though I am the only one in the house who eats yams). We can't forget dessert, which this year I made 4 pies and two pumpkin rolls. I always do pumpkin pie which is a family favorite and a given. I also decided out of the blue and totally last minute to make apple pie and pumpkin rolls. I don't regret it one bit, even though my weight says otherwise. While I was cooking all that delicious food, my husband and kids were in the living room watching the Macy Day parade. The kids love watching the giant balloons and seeing their favorite characters on tv and of course we can't forget Santa at the end of the parade.


This is my kids favorite time of year, so we try to make it extra special for them. It's always a given that we get our family pictures done for our Christmas cards. One of the perks of being a photographer is that I am able to do our pictures. This year we decided to dress up extra fancy. I will say that I always say I am going to mail out Christmas cards and never do, but this year I finally am and have already ordered our cards(yay me!). I must say that I love the way our pictures came out. I forgot my remote and was running back and forth in heels to place everyone and set the timer. It was such a fun evening for us and we loved every minute of it.

Typically after Thanksgiving we put up the tree and decorate the house but, with us having such a busy schedule, we decided to do that the weekend before. As you can see our tree is huge and it can be a pain to put up, especially all the lights. Our tree takes about 700-800 lights alone, ya I know that is a lot of lights. Thankfully my daughter helped with fluffing our tree and I did the lights. Once that is done we all decorate with ornaments. I have some plastic ones, glass ones and the ones that are Hallmark. Of course the ones that are fragile and from Hallmark we keep up at the top away from the kids, dog and cat. The tree is a favorite in our house. Not only do we decorate the outside with lights, we also do the inside with lights as well. Can you tell I go all out. We added a new tradition by doing a gingerbread house this year and, I must say, it is not easy. It came already built, we just had to decorate it. The kids did all the decorating themselves and I just helped with the icing, which was not easy. This was the kids favorite but then again they have a lot of favorites. We do lots of Christmas movies and hot chocolate. We also bake sugar cookies to give to our neighbors which is always a nice thing to do for the holiday season. Once Christmas eve arrives we have the kids open one present and the rest get open Christmas Day. They place cookies and milk out for Santa and wake up with such excitement when they see they've been eaten. Thats the one thing I look forward to the most and will cherish every second of it.

Christmas Jammie pictures is always a must! Aren't they cute?

We always enjoy our holiday traditions and look forward to making memories along the way. We only hope the kids will enjoy every single moment we have and that they pass these down to their kids. For now we are seizing the moments that are given to us and enjoying every minute of it.

Remember to enjoy the little things this holiday season and soak up the laughters, the fun and count your blessings. What are your favorite holiday traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas? What is a must and what is something that you have added with your family? I would love to hear those family traditions and the fun all of you have.

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