Halloween Pumpkins

Every year my kids love carving out pumpkins. What seemed like the longest time we would do the carving, cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin while our kids watched and get grossed out by all the seeds and goop. Now that they are getting older they are loving all the activities that they are able to participate in like carving pumpkins. We had so much fun and they came out really cute but sadly they didn't last long for being outside. Luckily i captured some fun during our family time.

When it came time to figure out what they wanted to carve out my son with such a big imagination he has wanted something cool/scary. It was from a craving book my husband got at Walmart and i drew it out on the pumpkin for him while he watched my husband carve it out. My daughter is so independent i loved watching her draw on her pumpkin of what she wanted and carve it out( well she tried and then was having trouble and asked for help) and it still came out great.

This is something we enjoy every year and always look forward to. Come next year we will be in our new house making new memories and I honestly can not wait till that day comes. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Halloween.

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