Military Life...What Now?

What can I say, I fell for a military man who happened to have joined the Marine Corps. We have known each other since we were little kids, our families grew up together and the rest is history from there. My husband has been in the Marine Corp for 10 and half years now and it all wasn't sunshine and rainbows like everyone may think it is. Ya you travel but the ones who are serving are traveling but sometimes not to the greatest places either. We are far from family, our spouses are working long 12 hour days, and they are away for weeks and even months at a time. This is what my husband chose and I have followed him and wherever the Marine Corp has sent us for the last 9 years because I fell In love with a Marine and will do anything to be by his side and will support his military career.

We have only been to two duty stations. Our first duty station was Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. We loved It there, the beautiful green, the beaches and the wonderful friends we made. While there we moved a total of 4 times till we got a house on base, had our daughter and struggled with my husband being gone months at time. He missed all the firsts, our daughters first crawl, word but wanted to see her walk before having to leave for training again which he did but once he left she stopped walking. He missed her first birthday which was the hardest since it was just me and her to celebrate but Skyped my parents while she opened presents and had her first cake which was special. The hardest part was watching my husband having to re-introduce himself to her every time he came back and once they bonded he had to leave again. It was difficult and had challenges but we got through it and explored as much of Hawaii as we could. He had the option to choose three duty stations and Yuma, AZ was last on his list and guess where we got next? Yup thats right Yuma, AZ.

Our second duty station Yuma, AZ. To be honest I didn't even know there was a Marine Corps base in Arizona and I grew up In Arizona my whole life. Yuma was just a stop for us when driving to California. When we arrived to Yuma the first thing we did was stop at In and Out since Hawaii doesn't have one. We missed not being able to eat there. I was pregnant with our son at the time of traveling and thankfully traveling was an ease, kind of. It was easy for us this time around since we have family In the Phoenix area that we stayed with till a house was available which thankfully we didn't have to wait long for one. We have been in Yuma for 6 years now. I honestly never thought that we would have been here this long but I'm glad we did cause we have met and made some amazing friends along the way. While being here in Yuma we had our son, I officially started my photography business, we have been through a couple surgeries, ER scare, deployment, lots of training, husband working long hours as well lots of missed birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. We were thankful to have family 3 hours away from us that have helped when we needed it the most. A lot has happened within in the 9 years of being married, lots of bumps in the road that we faced together which only made us stronger.

The military life is a whole different world and takes a very strong spouse to follow their husband/wife that is serving. I have loved how easy it was to make friends with other spouses cause we all understood and knew exactly what we were going through. We all stuck up for each other, helped when someone needed it most and opened our homes up. The friends we make become family so makes it that much harder to say goodbye. I have said my fair share of goodbyes but this time makes It's different, were not only saying goodbye to our friends but to the Marine Corps. It's doesn't get easier and wish It did. It gets stressful, thinking of what is going to happen next, where are we going to live, look for jobs and adjust to whole new world. A lot of unknowns are running through our minds but we try and look at It In a way of It's a whole new adventure that is waiting for us. Lots of exploring, being close to family, making friends, having a house to call our own with a big backyard(cause lets face It the yards here on base aren't that big). The kids are excited to be close to the grandparents that spoil them like crazy, their cousins and having their daddy coach them when we sign them up for sports.

We may not know what Is In store for us on our next adventure but I will miss the military life, our little house that we have been In for 6 years and my closest friends. It's not goodbye It's see you later.

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