Mother's Day

What can I say Mother's Day is the one day a year that we celebrate moms everywhere in hopes we get a day off from all the cleaning, laundry and a long to do lists. Its a day our kids and spouse show us how much love and appreciation they have for us. Let's be real, us moms do a lot for our kids and families. We are the nurse, chauffer, chef, baker, teacher, we run errands, the constant pile of never ending laundry that always seem to grow bigger and bigger each day. When we look at how much we do each do each day it's a lot and always seem our to do list just gets bigger and bigger but we do all of this with love and thankfully have the help from our spouse and children each and every single day.

It was a great Sunday morning I slept in which was all i asked for and my husband made breakfast with coffee for me in bed which was really sweet of him. While i was eating my kids were making homemade cards which always pull at my heart strings and gave me their gifts they made. We had bought muffin mix so we could all enjoy some muffins in the morning and through out the day. So the first mix my daughter had didn't go so well and we added to much water on accident. But the blueberry mix turned out good and delicious. My kids love to help bake and cook with me but this time my husband and kids did all the baking and cooking that day which was nice. I got to enjoy watching them and of course i couldn't pass up the chance and had to take some pictures.

While my husband was getting the muffin mix I decided to take some portraits of all three of us. All I wanted this year was some nice pictures with my kids. Now sometimes thats hard to ask for from my kids and pout, cry and even make some silly faces in between when I want a cute moment. Even through the silly moments, I will always love these images of all three of us regardless. I strive to capture the not so great moments but also the moments you can see and feel connection, love, laughter. Those are the moments i want to remember with my kids. I am always the one behind the camera and trying to change that by being in front of the camera more. I want my kids to look back at all these precious photos and be able to see me in them, remember my smile, my hair color and how much fun we really had. It doesn't matter how i look my kids will love me for me and will always see a mama do an amazing job(at least thats what i hope they think on days they are mad at me).

All in all I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my family. My amazing kids gave me that mom title and as I look back I would do It all again. Seeing their faces every morning I wake up is what gives me that strive to be better and love on them each and every day. They really grow up fast, in a blink of an eye and I try to cherish the little moments, the big moments, their big accomplishments and little accomplishments. Hug them when they are feeling sad and try my best to be strong for them when they face certain situations we don't want our kids to face. Through each stage they have gone through I enjoyed it, I may have gotten more grey hairs from It but I really love every minute of It.

Being a mother is the toughest job, we face every situation and handle them like a pro but in some instances we are really breaking down on the inside and wondering how are we going to get through this. We deal with the stress, the sleepless nights, the constant worry and fear at times, but we take one look at our children and know all of It Is worth it to watch them grow, learn and see a glimpse into their world and imagination. No matter what they will always love us and will always see us as their super hero. Our kids will never be to old to need their mama and our kids will always be our babies no matter how grown they are. So mamas enjoy the mess, the pouts, the smiles, the laughters, the jokes, the small talks and enjoy every stage of their childhood because before you know It they will be grown and out of the house. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I hope you enjoyed the day off and had a chance to relax, enjoy quiet or even napped because you deserved it. Just remember you are doing an amazing job and your an amazing mother. Don't ever forget that!

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