Our Family Christmas 2018

It's the kids favorite time of year and the one day that they can get away with getting up super super early. Thankfully this time they actually slept in and let us sleep in for once. We always tell the kids that mommy and daddy have to have our cup of coffee first before opening their gifts( trust me i am a walking zombie without my cup of coffee). I usually never end up taking my camera out to take pictures because I like to be in the moment with the kids. Besides my husband and I are always trying to take their toys out of all the boxes.

Every Christmas Eve we open up one gift but, this year we decided to do stockings so we could save their gifts for Christmas day. After their stockings, they played and ate lots of chocolate and played some more. My daughter wanted to make cookies for Santa, so she put her apron on and helped with the cookies. She had so much fun and loved helping with what she could. The kids love baking cookies for Santa every year and it's something I will enjoy fo as long as we can. While waiting for the cookies to cool we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot. I love capturing my kids playing and being silly and that even includes our pets as well.( My dog loves it but our cat not so much)

After the cookies were baked and ready I made dinner. We gave them a bath and had a movie night with popcorn, candy, in our comfy pjs and watched a Christmas movie. The kids love to have movie nights so my husband and I decided every year for Christmas Eve we would gift them new pajamas, candy and popcorn. The kids were so excited for Christmas morning that they actually went to bed early which was a shock to us but we weren't going to turn that idea down.( I enjoy my quiet time once the kids go to bed, my mommy time to relax and catch up on work if needed) Once morning came around we were prepared for them to get up before sun rise but thank goodness they slept in. I have always wanted to get a picture of them coming down the stairs and seeing their faces when they see all their gifts under the tree and i finally got that.

The kids opened their gifts and loved what they got from us, grandparents and Santa of course. We decided to get them lego sets and we knew we were going to be the ones to put them together but it was worth it cause their reactions were priceless. While me and my husband enjoyed our coffees, the kids played with everything they received. The kids were constantly in and out of the house because my parents got them scooters for Christmas and they screamed with excitement since me and Kevin decided to gift them scooters as well so they now have two.( of course they ride the ones the grandparents got them but we don't mind) I am so glad i captured these memories of them on Christmas day because this is something i will truly cherish and look back on when they are older. We had a wonderful Christmas and such an amazing 2018. I am looking forward to this year and what amazing adventures we will have as a family and where the year will take us. I hope you all will have an amazing 2019 and that you will live life to the fullest and capture some amazing memories with friends and family.

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