Our Halloween Adventure

Ah Halloween, the one day of the year my kids actually love because they get to dress up, go trick or treating and receive tons of candy. I know I know it's already November, I am blogging about this late but I have been so behind I am now finally catching up on work. So this year, as Halloween came, I swear I feel like that day was such a blur. So much was going on that I honestly didn't think I would get anything finished before the kids went out trick or treating. Thankfully I finished my long To-Do list so I could enjoy my time with the kids.

Every year we always look forward to Halloween. The kids get to dress up as their favorite characters and of course, the candy, they love getting the candy. We always end up with a lot of candy since I buy way to much and I end up giving kids a handful of candy every time. But this year I wanted to add some new traditions that the kids would look forward to every year, which didn't quite work out like I wanted but the kids had a blast which is more important in the end.

After I rushed to getting my daughter off to school I went grocery shopping with my son before the store got crowded with everyone getting candy for that night. Me and my son decided that we should make monster cookies( sugar cookies). We went ahead and got everything to make them. The sprinkles, the food coloring and some extra ingredients to make the royal icing. Once we got home my son decided he didn't want to help, only help eat them. I started making the cookies anyways and realized I didn't have any cookie cutters to make them perfectly round but they are suppose to be monster cookies and didn't need to be perfect. My son ended up decorating one cookie which he loved doing but enjoyed eating it more. Who wouldn't though, everyone loves sugar cookies.

Once my daughter came home from school she quickly did her homework and we ate some delicious homemade pizza for dinner before the kids went out. They were so excited to go trick or treating that I have never seen them eat so fast. Of course we kept telling them we had to wait a bit but I let them go and get their costumes on. This year my son has decided to dress up as the Black Panther and my daughter wanted to be a Princess. They were the cutest little Princess and Black Panther I have ever seen and of course every mom is going to say that about their kids because it's true. My husband always take the kids around while I stay home and pass out candy. I must say the costumes were amazing this year! From seeing a very adorable scarecrow, to a family dressed as characters from Jurassic Park. It seemed like everyone stepped up their costumes this year but each year the costumes get better and better and more unique.

By the end of the night and the kids were done, they both had a bucket full of candy that they started eating as soon as they got home. We may have added one new tradition but it's always the same each year. Spending time with each other when the kids are done they help me pass out candy to other kids. The excitement in their voices and the giggles of when they grabbed a handful of candy is what I love to hear the most. Each year it gets better and better and every year I enjoy it just as much as the kids. They won't be little forever and I am soaking up every minute of it, mess and all.

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