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Our summers usually get semi hectic with visiting family, birthday parties and scheduled sessions but this year it has been constant busy with traveling to Phoenix and Yuma. Ever since we found out my husband has to get out due to medical reasons its been even more crazy around here. We realized that its our last summer here in Yuma and making the best of it. Our kids have been what seems like every day at the pool or getting wet with the sprinkler. My kids always enjoy their summer break but this time my son will be starting kindergarten this year which makes me sad but excited for his new adventure he will be facing.

This summer I wanted to make it different and actually capture every moment of their summer break even if that meant me sweating to death while they stay cool. Ever since my daughter started school I made It a tradition for myself to capture her summer break. Since It's our last summer in Yuma we have been doing as much as we can, spend as much time with friends and just really enjoy our time here. During the summer I sometimes feel like my kids live In the water which I completely understand since summer In Arizona Is like living In an oven with blowdryer wind. Don't get me wrong I love the desert life being that I have grown up In Phoenix and am use to the heat. We try to spend as much as time as we can outside enjoying the sun rays but mostly to get wet or swim. We also spend a lot of time inside enjoying the AC as well but the kids can only be coped up for so long.

Summer break has been a favorite In our house with sleeping in, staying in pajamas all day long and just enjoying each others time. We have our bad days and the kids sometimes fight all day, yell and the constant telling on each other that drives me crazy but keeping them busy has helped a lot. We build forts, they make a huge mess in their rooms, build with legos and their stuff animals and all out use our Imagination like no other. I love seeing them use their imagination and the stuff they come up with and even just seeing them play by themselves and how different they are when they play. I still try and enforce some learning, reading and try not to have the TV on all day. I'll be honest some days we will be on the couch all day long and not move much. With the constant travel of going to and from Phoenix, It gets exhausting and some days we just want to sit around and do nothing after a long day of traveling.

I must say It hasn't been to hot this summer compared to most and with monsoon season finally here(but seems to miss Yuma completely) we have been enjoying the cloudy cool weather some days we get and just love being outside this time around. The kids favorite thing, aside from getting wet, is coloring with the sidewalk chalk. They will color the whole porch and just work their way down the walkway. I love seeing the stuff they draw and covered in chalk sometimes from head to toe Is the cutest.

We have had such a wonderful summer from going to build a bear, celebrating birthdays, seeing family and enjoying our time with them and chatting to making new friends at CFTN(Church for the Nations in Chandler) and spending some quality time as a family. I'm sad summer is ending and only have a week left to enjoy It. We made some amazing memories and I am so happy I have captured all these moments they had. Now we are preparing for school, a move and a whole lot of new challenges and memories that we will make later on this year but will look back on all the wonderful memories we have made while living in Yuma and all the wonderful summers we've had.

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