Reclamation Traveling Dress

This year I was determine to be a apart of a traveling dress project. Where you have one dress that goes from one photographer to another all around the US. We each take picutres of the dress when its our turn and then we send it off to the next person. I have always wanted to be part of the traveling dress and never had the chance to last year but finally have the chance to this year which made me do the happy dance. I am not only a part of just one but also with another dress that I am excited to capture. The traveling dress not only allows me to be creative but a chance to capture beautiful dresses like this one.

This reclamation dress is absoulutely gorgeous in person as it is to take pictures of. It's a handmade dress so we were all very patient and it was so worth it when we finally saw pictures and couldn't wait till it was our turn. My daughter had the pleasure to model the dress for me. She was thrilled to wear it and felt beautiful but naturally she is always beautiful. I had the dress for three days and knew as soon as i looked at It, It would be perfect out in the desert at sunset of course.

Her favorite part was twirling In the dress but I mean what little girl doesn't like twirling In a beautiful long dress. I had to capture the flower design, the details and the all around beauty of how It looked. Taking part of this was so much fun. Having these photos of my daughter will definitely be something that I will cherish and hang up on the wall for her and maybe put In an album because this is something I will want to remember.

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