Yes most experience tropical storms on a regular basis but not Yuma, AZ. Let me start off with me and my family live in Yuma, AZ. Arizona is nothing but desert and Yuma we are surrounded by mountains, dirt and more dirt. Now I want to say that I love Arizona. My husband and I grew up in Arizona, so I am a desert girl. I love the beautiful sunsets, the mountains, the food and traveling up to Prescott or Flagstaff to get away for a weekend. We do have monsoon season but its nothing major like a tropical storm. Yuma never gets rain and when it does it is for a short period of time. So when we heard about Hurricane Rosa heading up towards Baja, Mexico and making its way through the desert we panicked a little, ok I panicked a little. Thankfully she shifted but we still experienced rain and flooding. We did prepare just in case, stocking up with quick sandwich food, flashlights and candles in case the power went out, a case of water and lots and lots of family time.

We had a ton of board games, books, toys and had our electronics charged just in case to keep the kids entertained. I decided to document our days while we were stuck in the house and I even got in front of the camera a few times which, is rare for me. We made a sofa table, played games, the kids jumped on the couch (which is forbidden but I wanted a picture) and we stepped outside to go the park and snap a few pictures of the beautiful clouds when it wasn't raining. Luckily the power did not go out but, we still had our electronics off so we can enjoy our time together as a family and with less fighting from the kids.

This is exactly what we do when the power goes out. We enjoy it cause we get a break from the TV, iPads, laptops and phones. Now to be clear we are not constantly on our phones, watching tv or on iPads, we do spend lots of family time especially cause both my husbands and my job are so demanding we do make it a point during the week and weekend to spend family time together.

So when Hurricane Rosa wanted to make her grand entrance through the desert, we were prepared. We experience a lot of power outages especially in the summer time but this time she came with cooler weather which we have all been anxiously waiting for. We do stock up on board games, books, toys, and puzzles, not only for me and my husband, but for our kids. They do get bored when they don't have much to do or play with. If they get to the point where they have been cooped up in the house for to long, it's off to the park we go and the kids get so excited because they get to run without me yelling stop running in the house we have neighbors. Which I do feel bad for our neighbors because the kids get to loud at times with all the screaming and banging they do. Keeping them busy is tough. I've had my moments where I was done and wanted them in bed already so I can have some quiet time but they would bat those adorable little eyes at me and I couldn't resist, so we did a movie a night after we had dinner.

The kids love our movie nights. We have so many DVDS and Netflix that we barley go to the movies anymore. We popped popcorn, picked out our movies and just cuddled and watched. We tend to go all out for movie night and get our favorite candies, popcorn and favorite snacks but we decided not to this time. When the kids pick their movies, we always end up watching something Disney, or my sons favorite, dinosaurs or avengers, which I have seen so many times. We don't mind because both my husband and I like those type of movies. Lately they have been watching Rugrats. We always try to get movies and shows that we use to watch as kids so they actually know what we are talking about. After a few days of expecting Hurricane Rosa to arrive thankfully she shifted. We have enjoyed the clouds, rain and spending time together which was long overdue. If you ask my kids if they had fun those few days, I guarantee their response would be "Best Day Ever". Family time is always a must and really important. We get so caught up with our nose in our phones or laptops that we tend to forget what is around us, who is next to us or just sit outside to enjoy the scenery. Whether you want to stay in or go out with your family or loved ones, put the electronics down and just talk to one another while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend!

Sonia Martin


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