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Happy Thursday! So glad it is Thursday. I am so ready for the weekend with traveling to visit friends, scheduled sessions and fun trips with the family. Being that we live in Yuma, AZ for now, I am close enough to be able to travel to Phoenix, AZ and even California for scheduled sessions. One thing I enjoy and love about my job as a photographer is traveling to different places and meeting amazing people along the way. I travel to the Phoenix area a lot, whether we are there visiting friends and family, or I have someone who has booked a session. One of the reasons why I love traveling to Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa etc, is that there are so many different beautiful spots to have your family photos done.

The Chandler Library has a beautiful court yard that is very green, open and beyond beautiful. It is a perfect place to have your kids run around without having to worry about them running where you can't see them. It is also a very quiet location to just sit, relax, read a book, do homework and of course you can also check out the library. I have done quite a few sessions at this location and still love coming here, especially if you are wanting some greenery, trees and add a little bit of modern to your photos.

Another favorite location is the Mesa Art Center in downtown Mesa. I love having family sessions, and senior portraits done here. They have such unique walls, stairs and even art displayed outside. This is sometimes my go to spot if the family, senior or the parents want something different and unique. We usually are not in one spot here. We are literally walking around this entire location that fits my clients personality. Around fall they have a row of trees that are a beautiful yellow color if you are wanting more fall colors. During the month of December, they have this location decked out in Christmas decor, which is perfect for Christmas photos as well. Not only is this a perfect place for sessions, it is also a great place to explore the amazing downtown area.

The Groves is another beautiful location in Gilbert. This location has your rows of trees and gives you that forest look you are looking for. It not only has rows of trees all around you but this location is also a church. This spot is also a prayer walk for you to come and just pray. Its so peaceful and quiet there but it is also a hotspot for photographers, as you can see why. This is the one spot I will always suggest when I'm in the Gilbert area. Being in the desert, we don't get much of a forest look at, unless you want to travel up north somewhere. Its beautiful, green during the spring time and fall and winter there are no leaves but it makes your images unique and stand out. I highly suggest this location if you are in the Gilbert area.

Last but not least, one of my all time favorite locations that I have done and will continue to do, is the Superstition Mountains. This is such a beautiful spot for families, children, senior portraits, couples, landscape and more. I will never get tired of this place. The beautiful scenery, the colors of the mountains especially around sunset and capturing the beautiful desert around you. This is another hotspot for photographers in the Phoenix area. You have hiking trails, camping areas to get some quiet and explore the desert around you. The further you go in, the more you see some amazing spots for pictures. There is only one spot I will go because we get a perfect view of the Superstition Mountains behind us and we are able to just take in the view and sheer beauty of the desert.

There are so many amazing locations in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and even up north. So, don't be afraid to get out and explore the hidden areas, hiking trails and travel to find a beautiful spot for pictures. One of the many perks I love about my job is traveling, exploring and even making the gloomiest of places look beautiful. So this weekend take the time to explore the many wonders of Arizona with your family and friends. Enjoy this beautiful weather and have a wonderful week and weekend!

Sonia Martin


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