"It's the moments we want to capture together as a family. The giggles, the sweet tender hugs and raw emotions. The simple moments that we truly treasure that mean the most to us are the moments you want to freeze in time so you can look back and have a story to tell."

-Sonia Martin

About Me

My passion for photography started years ago when I wanted to capture every moment of my daughter and then my son. I turned my passion into a business and love what I do every single day. My goal as your photographer is to not only capture the beautiful posed shots but to capture the in between candid moments you will have with your children, spouse and as a family. Those moments are my ultimate goal to capture so you can hang them up beautifully on your wall.

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Sonia Martin Photography is a portrait and lifestyle photographer in Gilbert, AZ. Capturing your raw/candid moments and giving you beautiful images you will love.

Also serving the

Yuma, AZ area and Southern California

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